That was WTF?? weather if ever I saw it.

A typhoon is on its way over the next day or two and I rode to work in a total deluge this morning. I mean rain like I have never seen before. To say that riding the bike was like riding a jet ski would be an understatement. Seriously. Large stretches of road were underwater, some of it moving at quite a pace, like river water. I was riding through it and the water parted like a bow wave, up over my feet. Thank the lord for GORTEX boots! Needless to say that my ¥3,000 home-centre waterproofs failed like a drunken priest in a brothel, and my arse ended up soaked through from the torrent of rain gushing over the saddle. I need to get proper riding waterproofs. Here’s some footage from lunchtime when I started on my way home (classes called off due to a storm warning) and things had calmed down a bit.

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