Bye bye Transalp.

The Transalp was collected from the house today and taken to Tokyo to Fastbike, the guy who sold it to me in the first place. To be honest I felt no sense of sadness at it leaving. Bikes are just bikes after all. Mind you, I’d feel bad if I was being left with no bike, seeing that I need one.



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2 Comments on “Bye bye Transalp.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Oh well, Damien – can I still call you my friend despite you abandoning your TA???

    Just kidding of course, but you are cold-hearted and cold-blooded. “No sadness.” Ok, at least you had the courtesy to say farewell with a video. Hope you will never break out in tears when you will see it in the future!

    A TA is a TA, is a TA and will always be a TA! Take that! *_*

    Still, wish you many happy years of driving with your new beauty.

  2. Had I been able to buy a brand new Tranalp 400v I most probably would have Klaus. After all, they’re lovely bikes. In saying that though, I’m seriously enjoying getting to know the CB400SB. Took it up into Gifu with a friend this morning for a couple of hours through the mountains. I’m losing my awkwardness with it quite quickly. I’d a total blast on it. I’ll blog a bit about it later after I get the kids to bed.

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