Something strange happened to the bike.

Well, not strange, but certainly unexpected. I was arriving on campus today when the clutch lever all of a sudden felt odd. When I looked down, the silver screw you can see in the middle of the clutch base had become completely dislodged and was almost falling out of the base itself.

You can see the silver screw in the middle of the clutch base, and the two wires directly to the left of it.

I put it back in as best I could without a screwdriver and headed on home after classes had finished. I noticed on the way home that the clutch was clunking a bit more on gear changes. Nothing to write home about, but it’s true to say that the clutch changes were definately smoother earlier. There’s now a fair old clunk from the gear box when I change gears. I’ve noticed the two wires seemingly running from it to the left. They run into the left hand grip body that holds the switches for the lights and winker. I was wondering what they’re for and if they are indeed linked to the screw in some way.

I’m wondering if something has happened or am I being over-sensitive with a new bike. Anyway, I’ve secured the screw and I’ll ride on. If there’s a recurrence I’ll pop into the shop with it. I’ll probably raise it at the 1,000km oil change and check up.

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3 Comments on “Something strange happened to the bike.”

  1. Simon Says:

    Looks like the axis of the lever to me. Have you still got a nut on the bottom end of it? If not, it could pop out any time!
    Perhaps it screws straight into the body of the base.

  2. Actually Simon, I just checked and there is a nut on the other screw on the front brake lever. The nut has fallen off the clutch lever bolt. I’ll go back to the shop tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Klaus Says:

    See, I told you – you should have kept your TA *_* —-
    —- just kidding. Those are small problems that can be fixed.

    And I can tell, you are definitely having fun with your Bol ‘d’iron!!

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