Went to the bike shop.

So, I went to the bike shop to get them to replace the missing nut from the clutch lever pivot bolt. I was a cheeky bugger from the word go and demanded a Honda nut. He nearly left one in his trousers at that, apologised profusely for not having one and produced an identical bolt to the one on the front brake lever, so all was good. Then he made a fair old fuss over the bike. I told him that the gear change felt different from before so he took it for a quick ride and then hoisted it up onto the platform and tinkered with the clutch change lever (foot one). He rode it around a bit more and then told me that he’d given the clutch lever a bit more play and that it should be fine, which it is.

I then asked him for the grips which came off the bike before they installed the heated grips. He nearly left another one in his trousers at that request too. He disappeared into the shop for a while and came back out almost on his hands and knees groveling saying that they could not locate them and that they’ll find them for when I return for the 1,000 km service. I wonder just how much a pair of Honda CB400SB grips would fetch on Yahoo Auctions?


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