Rain gear needed.

I’ve been using a ¥3,000 set of rain gear from the local home centre for some time. Usually it’s fine. Usually it keeps the rain out, and it’s an orangie-yellowie kind of colour so luminous I can be seen glowing from miles away (always a good thing). However, recently, in a heavy rain fall, the crotch gave way and I got soaked, and only around my arse and goolies, leaving me to teach a couple of classes looking like I had a close call with an articulated truck and had an accident (in my pants).

I need something which will hold the rain out, at a reasonable price. I’m currently looking at a Komine set and a Honda set. If anyone has a recommendation, I’d like to hear it.

Cheers in advance.

Komine RK-535 Neo Rain Wear

Honda EX-M42 Rain Gear

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2 Comments on “Rain gear needed.”

  1. Simon V サイモン Says:

    I’ve been very satisfied with the gear I got at a shop which specialises in stuff for labourers, “Workman”. There is a similar one near me called “Hayabusa”. My be different in your area.

    The waterproofs are like seamen’s oilskins except they are hardwearing plastic. There are heavy and light versions. I’m using the heavy ones for their 3rd year now, and I ride everyday rain or shine. They get discoloured from mould before they start to leak (unless you’re the kind with time and inclination to wipe them dry after every use.) The light ones didn’t last quite as long, but well over a year in constant use.
    I had a suit from Yamaha that I liked too but it didn’t last like these do. The best point was the elastic balaclava which kept the helmet clean and the neck warm so well that I used it without the suit!

    The heavy ones ARE heavy but you can ride through a downpour for hours in comfort. If you just want them “in case” then the light ones are fine.

    This is the suit that I’m now getting ready to replace. (Note the date.) I’ve managed to rip the bib of the trousers…..

  2. Hi Simon,

    We have a Workman close to here. I bought a reflector vest from them for night riding and it was reasonably priced and decent quality. I’ll pop in and check the rain gear.
    What seems to be a factor in crotch leakage is whether or not there are seams there. Much of the bike riding gear seems to have seamless crotch areas.
    Thanks for the advice.

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