The English manual for the CB400 Super Four

I was advised to go to the SingaporeBikes forum to ask about a manual for the CB400SF. They have a forum dedicated to the bike. I was directed to this link to get a manual in pdf file format. It’s from the Australian Honda website:

English Language Owners’ Manual for the CB400 Super Four.

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7 Comments on “The English manual for the CB400 Super Four”

  1. Le français à sapporo Says:

    Hi! I am thinking to Buy a CB400SF in Japan too… I was looking for this English manual as well ! Thank you a lot ! it will really help me !
    PS: if a day you get a more up to date one… let me know please!

  2. Hi mate. If you buy a CB400SF or SB, you’ll be buying one of the finest bikes on the roads. They’re seriously good. If you’re buying new, I would very strongly suggest paying the extra and getting the Combined ABS model. It’s an excellent braking system. The manual I’ve linked to is sufficient for any user at the moment. I don’t think it’s as up-to-date as you need. Good luck with your pruchase. Let me know how you get on.

  3. Le français à sapporo Says:

    I will definitely buy the ABS model… I saw the video you posted too…hehe
    I will tell you how is it.

  4. Cecilia Says:

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  6. steinunn6 Says:

    It may be a stupid question, but what is the difference between SF og A/AS?
    Thank you

  7. Joying Says:

    Hi, i will be having a honda cb400 version s. I believe they were produced from 1997 onward. Dont knw which year they stopped the model. I tried looking up the internet for useful info on the particular model but it has been dissapointing so far. All reviews and discusions are on version pb1 or SF or version s or r or this and that. I am tryin to find out exactly what r the differences between the different 400 models… Thank you

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