Middle-aged female bosozoku.

One of the big contradictions of Japanese society is how gentile folks can often be in daily life, and how rude and aggressive some can become as soon as they take the wheel of a car. I was riding to work this morning and came up on a pedestrian crossing with two elementary school kids standing waiting to cross. One was a young boy, and he was holding the hand of a little girl, maybe about 5 or 6 years old.

Now many people here will know that although the law states that you should stop to let people cross at crossings, almost no-one stops. However, I have faith in human decency so I stopped in the hope that other people coming the other way would do the same. So, there I was sitting at the crossing watching a long chain of cars coming the other way, completely ignoring the two children waiting to cross and me sitting there trying to let them cross, when the most unexpected thing happened. A woman in a white Toyota Noah came up behind me, passed me on the inside and drove over the crossing and on her way!

At that point I lost my cool. I planted my thumb on the horn and kept it there for quite a few seconds. She drove on, but the next person coming the other way stopped and the kids were able to cross. Almost everyone standing around was looking over to see what the commotion was. I headed off on my way, and of course caught up with her about 500m along the road at the next set of lights, so her ignorant behaviour wasn’t getting her to her destination any faster. It’s times like that when I’m glad my Japanese is not so good, for if it was, I’d have given her a mouthful, or as folks saying Ireland, I’d have put manners on her.

I may not totally respect the road regulations here on speed and parking, but when it comes to stopping at pedestrian crossings I will, every time, in the hope that I can seriously piss off people like her behind me!

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3 Comments on “Middle-aged female bosozoku.”

  1. Simon Says:

    Had almost the same thing happen just the other day. At a crossroads, the oncoming lane was stalled because of a car wanting to turn right and the car in front of me slowed to turn left, so I stopped to wave the oncoming car across. TWO cars squeezed by on my inside.
    I put my bike diagonally across the lane… Grrr!

  2. Klaus Says:

    Damien, good job – “attaboy”!

    I hate those folks and generally give them the finger.

    Happens down here – countryside – almost every day. And as long as the cops don’t do anything concerning those things, I assume nothing will change.

  3. I stopped at crossings twice today, both times with cars behind me, once to let an elderly guy on an electric disabled person’s buggy who was being ignored by loads of drivers cross. I’m on a mission from Gawd!!

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