1,000 km service and oil change sorted.


The bike getting pampered.

That’s that done. I bought the bike at ItoKT here in Seto. They’re a decent bunch it seems. Some of the mechanics have been there for decades and it’s a family business. Also, they’re just up the road from Red Baron, which forces them to be pretty competitive on prices, which is always a good thing.

They hoisted the bike, changed the oil and filter, and gave the bike a good going over, checking the brakes and clutch amongst other things. It cost ¥6,000 for the job and I’m not complaining. This means the engine’s broken in, so I ease up on the easing up, if you know what I mean.


ItoKT in Seto.

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One Comment on “1,000 km service and oil change sorted.”

  1. Conception Lesso Says:

    Oil change is very important in an engine so that you can keep it on its tough shape. Dirt embedded in oil can really ruin the engine performance.;”:’;

    Kindest regards

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