Too wet to go wandering.

Rain for the whole weekend .I woke up this morning and it was gushing down. No riding for me. On an up-note, next weekend is looking better and a friend wants to head out somewhere.  That’ll do.

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2 Comments on “Too wet to go wandering.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Oh well, same down here.
    We actually wanted to go and see / climb Mt. Ishizuchi. Now is the perfect season to take great “indian-summer-pictures”.

    However, rain, rain, rain – so no chance at all. Too bad.*~*

  2. It’s an awkward time of year temperature-wise, eh? It’s cold in the morning so I need to wrap up for the ride to work, but then at lunchtime on two days I have to dash from one campus to another, and it’s often in the high-20s, so I’m sweating going into afternoon class. I’m not complaining though!

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