There’s no racism on the back of my motorcycle.

Dusk above the Yahagi River in northern Aichi.

Well, I said it had been a long, long week and it really has been. I locked horns with a couple of people early in the week,  taking issue with an on-going diatribe of anti-Japanese racism they’ve been engaged in for a while. I took issue with it before and was given short shrift, but a further comment this week pushed my detonation button and I raised my voice in anger and they raised theirs in response. Well, these things are never easy, and strong feelings persisted for the rest of the week. Racism sucks, big time, and I can’t tolerate it. I won’t tolerate it.

So, I had a bit of riding therapy today. A friend and I took a jaunt up to Yahagi Dam via the fine twisties that contour alongside the Yahagi River. Riding twisties is a complete hoot. It demands total concentration so any old, heavy duty thoughts that persist through the day are set aside and riding gets my full attention. I’ve rode these roads many times before on the Transalp, but I never felt at ease on them. However, with the CB400 and its lower centre of gravity, they’re just a playground. They’re so twisty that breaking the speed limit is pretty much an impossiblity, so it’s all second gear, flinging the bike about like it’s a BMX through a couple of  kilometres of the tiniest hairpins. Visiblity along stretches of the road is very good and there are numerous mirrors on the bends, so it’s easy to see if anyone’s coming the other way. It’s a fun spot to go riding. After getting to the dam (yes, another one), the friend and I sat and chewed the fat for an hour or so until dusk started in on us, so we got back on the bikes and headed home at a very leisurely pace. I took the above pic just before leaving.

You know, with all we know about the evils of racism it beats me how so many of us can be racist. Recently it just seems to be all around me. I work in a multi-ethic environment and there are almost no objectionable people working in it. There people from all over the world, of so many different backgrounds, and almost all of them utterly decent people. Yet it beats me how some people, supposedly highly educated people, can buy into racist ideas, that is, ascribing negative attributes to people purely on the basis of their ethnicity. There’s no motorbike metaphor here to explain any of this. I’m just getting it off my chest.  Being on my bike in the Japanese mountains is just my quiet, peaceful place. There’s no racism on the back of my motorcycle. It’s a nice place to be.

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2 Comments on “There’s no racism on the back of my motorcycle.”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Your quote was very meaningful to me today, thank you.

  2. Hi Colleen! An unexpected visitor indeed. Thanks for popping along, and for your very kind comment.

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