18km per litre.

I let the petrol gauge on the bike drop to the reserve last week and then filled the tank. I got 13.87 litres into it before it reached the neck of the tank. Then I set the trip metre to 0.00 kms and ran the bike until it hit reserve again. That happened this morning on the way to work and I there was 254 km on the trip. That approximately 18km/l.

Most of that was done in the city, commuting to work and back. Some of it was done out of town, on the run I did with my friend along the Yahagi River on Saturday. Honda have marked up 30 km/l at a constant 60 kmph, so I reckon I’m hitting about right for my kind of riding in the city. Maybe I could reduce the rpm in 1st and 2nd gears when taking off from lights, but I like to get that distance form the cars. It’s simply safer.

I’m certainly flighty with the throttle in the higher gears. I change from 1st to 2nd at around 6,000 – 7,000 rpm. I reckon I could get 20 km/l if I was to drop that to 4,000 – 5,000 rpm, but then riding wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun! In all seriousness though, I’m going to have a go at it to see if I can temper my riding ever so slightly and get a higher level of fuel efficiency.

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4 Comments on “18km per litre.”

  1. Simon Says:

    I used to get 20kpl at least on my older CB400s, (Sorry can’t remember the model.) sometimes 23~4 on long runs.

    The TA usually only gets about 18kpl though.
    But the good news is my Serow gets 30kpl every time!

    Don’t put too much faith in the figures from a single filling, because any slight slope in the ground can make a big difference, and if you wait a few seconds the level will drop from the “neck” and you can get perhaps another half litre in bit-by-bit.

    Every time I refill, I write the odometer and tripmeter figures on the back of the receipt, and later enter it all into an excel-type spreadsheet which shows my distance per litre, cost per km, etc. AND checks for typos. 😀

    Very handy at tax-time: If I lose a receipt or two I can interpolate the cost from the missing distance run and average cost of fuel immediately before and after. No room for argument. 🙂


  2. 30km/l is very nice indeed. Have you taken the Serow off-road at all? I had a good look at one in a shop and I reckoned it would be a blast to take through dirt tracks.

    Yeah, the fuel guage on the CB400sf rolls with the rolls of the land, so to speak. When it’s on the line between bars going up or downhill effects the reading. I’ll be keeping an eye on consecutive readings and taking an average over time, but 20 km/l will be the target in the short term. If I can achieve a better economy I will for sure.

  3. Simon Says:

    Not much real dirt but plenty of gravel, broken concrete and hard-packed dirt back roads in the woods around here. Great fun, and little worry about dropping it when out on my own. You’ve seen my “bikes and biking” FB album, have you?

  4. I have now. There are a lot of good photos there. So obviously you take the bike off tarmac, which is excellent. I’d love to have a second bike for off-road leisure stuff. Maybe one day when the kids have finished university and moved out. Doh! I’ll be in my 70s by then…..

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