More crazy people!

I was sitting at lights while on my way to work this morning when I was passed by a guy on a 50cc scooter at high speed. He must have been lane splitting at 40-50kmph. He passed me just as the light turned green. I caught up a little bit further down the road and I was sitting just a short distance behind him as we approached a line of traffic waiting at the next lights. I noticed that he was drinking from a small, dark brown bottle, one of those pick-me-up caffeine-loaded drinks I reckon. Suddenly, with his left hand he flung the bottle off to the left, it hit a privet hedge alongside the road and bounced back, smashing just in front of me and going under my front tyre. Tosser. Thankfully, no spill and no flat.

So, he proceeds to run the next red, and the next like some sort of lunatic. On top of that, I keep catching up and I’m not breaking reds or riding at high speed. After a while he cut off to the right, running another red, of course. Insane riding. If the police don’t that boy, natural selection will.

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One Comment on “More crazy people!”

  1. coolio Says:

    Haha, that’s a daily thing here in Tokyo. Especially scooter drivers give a flying sh.. on traffic laws. Mostly it’s enough to pull up next to such brats and open the visor and they start excusing badly. 185 cm of angry Gaijin will do the job…..

    Anyway, nice blog!

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