Capping it at 6,000 rpm

This fuel efficiency/ safe speed notion has really kicked in. Over these last few days I’ve  capped each gear change at a max of 6,000 rpm, but that’s only on big roads. On standard 50 kmph roads, it’s 5,000 rpm. This is after filling up the tank to the max 18 litres including 4 litres reserve. The digital fuel gauge on the CB400 Super Four has six bars covering the 14 litres over the reserve.

The first bar dropped this morning with around 54km on the trip. 14 / 6 = 2.33, so that’s about 2.33 litres for around 54km. If this is correct I should get around 324km by the time I hit the reserve. If this is the case, then that would be a major improvement on the 254km I got on the last reading. It could be the case however that the first bar reads more than that when the tank is filled to the base of the neck. I’ll check to see what’s on the trip when the second bar drops.

As far as I know, the vtec technology in the engine kicks in at around 6,250 rpm. Vtec is a simple enough technology in which oil pressure builds to a point whereby a small pin in a reservoir to the piston chamber is released allowing more fuel to enter the chamber via the reservoir to spark more combustion and, therefore, more power. If I’m riding below the vtec trigger point then of course I’ll not be burning up that extra fuel for that rush of power. It’s worth experimenting just to see what the result is.

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2 Comments on “Capping it at 6,000 rpm”

  1. That’s some pretty good range!

  2. Hi Barron. The second bar dropped today with 104km on the clock. It’s looking good for getting over 20 km/l.

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