Winter Jacket from tomorrow.

Riding in winter around here is great. We don’t see a lot of snow at all, and it’s as if every day is sunny with clear skies. It gets damn cold, but no worse than back home. Now it’s got to the point where my Komine summer mesh jacket, even with its windproof inner-lining, cannot keep me warm in the morning, and it seems that from this week, local top temperatures will be in the mid-teens, meaning the morning ride is going to be damn nippy.

That means that my Honda winter jacket will be brought out tonight and the armour will be swapped from the Komine jacket to the Honda jacket. The Komine armour is far superior to the armour that came with the Honda jacket. I can transfer everything over except the back armour, which is a pity. The Komine back armour has moulded plastic arches all down the length of it, whereas the Honda back armour is simply hard moulded foam, but the Komine back armour won’t fit the Honda jacket. However, the chest guard, and the elbow and shoulder guards fit nicely.

I also bought a thin cotton balaclava from a local home centre. I like having a head covering to protect the helmet inner from the sweat and grease that comes from my scalp, and a balaclava provides that, as well as being an extra layer around my neck to keep it nice and toasty on the bitterly cold mornings. I also have a wind-breaker for my neck which covers from my chin down to my chest, but the extra layer provided by the balaclava will be more than welcome. I’ll also be looking at grip covers to maximise the heat coming off the heated grips, and maybe a new pair of pants, waterproof, with an inner layer for extra heat.


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2 Comments on “Winter Jacket from tomorrow.”

  1. Simon Says:

    I can recommend the hand guards used on the Honda Cubs that newspapermen ride here. See the pics of my bikes.
    If you care about “image”, don’t even bother to look. 😀

  2. Hi Simon. I’ve seen those, but I fancy something more wrap around. There are pretty good Thermolite handlebar socks by Komine, similar to what you see the scooter delivery riders using. I’ve got heated grips, but I’d like to get the most out of them. I had heated grips on the Transalp, but without good wind protection you don’t get the full benefit of them.

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