Nuthin’ tu’ report

Well, nothing much. I’ve settled right into the commute, and the bike is running like a dream. It’s funny how I still get the new-bike-smell when the rain evaporates of the engine. It’s nice. No leisure rides though. I’ve simply been too busy.

I was sitting a set of lights recently having slipped past a couple of cars that were sitting stationary before I arrived at the junction. It’s a very familiar piece of road to me. After the junction there’s a straight stretch of 50 km/h road, running for a few hundred metres with no roads joining, hedged on both sides by, you guessed it, hedges. The guy behind/beside started that silliness of being annoyed at having a bike nose ahead at a red light. He started edging forward to the left to stop me from getting off first. Now usually I’d let those boys go on ahead, but I fancied a free run on this lovely stretch of road so when the right changed I let rip, more so than I’ve done to date. I suppose the weeks spent on the bike have settled me right into it, so I opened the throttle with much élan.

Well, it lifted like a small aircraft. I’m not going to tell you what speed I ended up at, but the pull on my arms in 2nd and 3rd was so exhilarating I just had to keep going .  It was a short burst because I crossed the next junction at a very sensible speed, but my heart was racing from the rush. A straight road, no side roads, no oncoming traffic, dry and bright with no sun glare. It’s gotta be done once in a blue moon 🙂

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2 Comments on “Nuthin’ tu’ report”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Damien, good job on the other driver!

    Can’t tell ya how I hate those guys.

    And good to hear that you are having so much fun with your new baby! As for me/us … well the bike season is almost over, just getting too darned cold for the lady. Since she had some minor kidney problems from our last ride out to Mt. Ishizuchi (guess it was too cold for her) …. well, that’s it at least for her until spring time.

    Take care and safe riding all the time!!

  2. Yeah, it’s getting chilly for sure Klaus. It looks like it’ll be dropping to around zero in the mornings soon. That’ll be numb fingers in the morning and an end to the 3rd gear hooliganism with the roads becoming more treacherous.

    You keep safe too mate.

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