Holidays f&*k yeah!

I had my last classes today, and I threw the cover over the bike when I got home, but not for long I hope. It has got damn cold, but it was in December-January when I did my lessons, snow and all, and my first rides into Gifu were in the snow and hail. Back then I was riding in pretty primitive riding gear, whereas now I’m kitted out quite well. I’ll give it until after Christmas Day and then I’ll make my excuses one day and disappear with a hot flask of coffee and my camera into the crisp morning air.

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3 Comments on “Holidays f&*k yeah!”

  1. Bakkies Says:

    Good work Damien, don’t let the elements take the upper hand!! You been to Smash head lately?

  2. Never went back mate, which is a shame really. We never got back together again there. It’s a cool cafe. What’s happening with yourself this weather? All well back at home?

  3. Bakkies Says:

    Yeah, that place is a great little joint! Miss that place! Everything is good back here mate. The crickets great, working between Xmas and New Year ain’t!!

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