0km done

I haven’t had the cover off the bike yet. I’ve been too busy being lazy around the house. I’m back to work on Friday and I’m running on reserve, so I should fill it up. I should also check the tyre pressure. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well, the holidays weren’t wasted. I recharged my batteries big time (not the bike’s battery), and I’m all warmed up for the next holidays which start on February 2nd. Then there’ll be some riding done for sure.

Oh aye, and a Happy New Year to everyone and safe riding. I hope you all get the motorcycles of your dreams in 2012!

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2 Comments on “0km done”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Damien, my man, the same to you and your family!


    Well, maybe I will get my bike out, too some time this month. As for now it is just a “starting-up” once a week to keep the battery charged.

    And maybe – some time this year – but then again, it would be quite a ride for either one of us – still hoping that we can meet in the not too far future.

    Take care my friend and see you around!!

  2. クラウスーさん。



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