Being as daft as a post has its advantages.

I turned up to work this morning only to find the university closed (it’s a public holiday) and that I had no classes to teach today. Result! Now, you’d think that was damn stupid of me (which it was), but it meant that I did get up out of bed at a saintly time, got to ride across town on empty roads on a beautiful, sunny winter’s morning, and I was home in time for the kids just being dressed with a whole, free day in front of me. Empty roads, a crisp, sunny morn, and did I ever say that the bike’s a little beast? No? Well, the bike’s a little beast. I’m totally in love with life.

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2 Comments on “Being as daft as a post has its advantages.”

  1. Bakkies Says:

    Hey Damien,

    Good to see you made the most out of that situation! You must of felt like a fool when you realised it was the day off when you rocked up at school! Anyway hope you made the best of the day!!

  2. Ach, did it again today. No kidding. I turned up at the part-time teachers’ room and there was one other teacher there. “Do you know we have no classes today?”, he asked. I couldn’t believe it. At that very moment, and handful of other teachers appeared after having got off the school bus. Everyone was working off an old school schedule. The powers to be had changed it and failed to tell us. Sheesh!

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