Tennis elbow means no riding for me.

Last May I dug a tree out of my garden to plant a Japanese maple. It was a fairly mature tree with a helluva set of roots to take out. The only way I could get them out was by digging around them to get them well exposed, and then using a handsaw to sever them. Well, it had been a very long time since I had used a saw, and I ended up seizing up my right arm with tennis elbow (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!). I was able to continue riding despite the pain, and over time the pain subsided to a large degree, to the point that about a month ago I reckoned it would be clear by around this time. However, for some reason which is beyond me, it kicked off again, only worse than it was last May. I can barely pick up a mug of coffee never mind pull the cover of the bike. The weather has been fantastic these last few days (cold, but sunny a clear), but I’ve been more or less grounded.

I’m seriously concerned about my arm and my ability to commute from when classes start again in April. I’ve had this injury now for 10 months and it’s worse now that ever it was. The doctor says rest it from work, do some exercises, and see how it is in a month. I’d love to head off for a day’s ride though. This is an absolute bummer.

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4 Comments on “Tennis elbow means no riding for me.”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Damien, hope you will feel better soon!!

    You got your tennis arm, I got my “old-man-back-problem”. 6 weeks now, since my last cooking class, guess that pot with pasta was too heavy with something like 30 kg, dumping the water in the sink ……

    Getting old(er), tell ya.

    Take care my friend and CU around!

  2. お祖父さんになったね. Dude, we need some young women to light the spark again! It’s crazy Klaus. I still feel like a 20-something between the ears, but the rest of me is starting to wrinkle, sag and wither like an over-ripe persimmon on the tree.

  3. klausjapan Says:

    But those young chicks don’t come cheap!! *~*

  4. I wouldn’t know Klaus. I’m usually in my pyjamas by 7:30pm. Anyway, I did get out on Sunday and the stretching of the arm was great. Did the usual route with my mate David on his BMW1200GS. I’ve learned a bit about corning too (realised it doing the twisties along the Yahagi River). I’ve been taking bends in too high a gear, and it’s dangerous. If I need to break whilst cornering then I’ve entered the bend too fast. A lower gear would allow engine breaking. It’s not rocket science I know, but I’m daft, as I posted earlier :OP

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