Buying a tank bag.

I had to go to the immigration office to get a reentry permit as I’m heading home for a visit soon. I’d love to have gone by bike, but without navi I reckoned it would be to difficult to negotiate my way through Nagoya city centre and south to the office, so I took the train, which I don’t really enjoy. After I got home I was thinking about the navi thing, and lamenting the price of a decent bike navi unit ( about £400), when it struck me that I could easily use a tank bag,  list the directions from Google Maps and place it under the map cover on the bag.

I’d thought about a tank bag before, but the local maps are all in kanji, or chinese characters, and too tough for me to read, so I gave up on the idea. But with Google Maps giving the directions, with distances from junction to junction, I would be able to navigate the roads pretty easily I reckon. So, I’m off to Ricoland in the near future to check out which one I want. They’ve a big selection. Then I’ll come home and buy whichever one I see in Ricoland via Amazon or Rakuten for a decent discount. I’m hoping there is one small enough to be neat on the tank, but that also doubles as a small backpack, so I can keep my odds and bods in it and then take it with me after I’ve parked the bike. I’ll post on whichever one I buy.

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2 Comments on “Buying a tank bag.”

  1. klausjapan Says:

    Damien, my man!

    First I thought you wanted to go back to homeland by bike…. *_*
    Then I kept on reading and understood what you are up to.

    Concerningthe GPS or navi-system. I bought the cheapest Garmin (Nuevi 205 for something like ¥10.000) 5 years ago. I can use it in the car and it helped us a lot when we went to Kyushu and Hokkaido by bike. It might not be the 100% solution, but ……
    I am more than satisfied with it. Also has English language option. If you want more info, please send me a mail (klausdorth{at}

    Take care my friend and safe riding,

    Tomomi & Klaus

  2. Hi Klaus,

    I’m thinking that a cheaper navi wouldn’t be a bad idea, if I can keep it dry in a tank bag, rig it up to the battery and run it with a bluetooth earpiece. I’ll send you a mail.


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