Actually, not buying a tank bag.

After quite a bit of chatting around with folks, especially on the Gaijin Riders forum, I reckoned I could stretch the budget to a navi unit. I looked at various Garmin (non-bike) units as the Garmin Zumo bike units are far, far too expensive (6-8万円), but a few guys had posted about using their iPhones with the GoGo Navi Japan app. Well, I downloaded it onto my phone and it’s pretty awesome. There is an option for English menus and voice guidance, and it does more than the Toyota navi unit in my car does. I’m looking for a decent mount for the handlebars and I want to put power sockets on the handlebars too, to power the phone, as well as a heated jacket I got last year. I’ll report back when I get things rigged up.

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2 Comments on “Actually, not buying a tank bag.”

  1. klausjapan Says:

    Well, Damien, there you go. The easiest way is often the cheapest and best one! As I mentioned before, a cigarette lighter socket is easy to get, go to one of those “marine stores” that sell supplies for boats – they should have it.

  2. Hi Klaus,

    I’ve seen attachments for the handle bars with 2X 12v sockets and a USB socket. I’m going to pop over to Ito-KT, the shop where I bought the bike, and have them order it in and fit it. I’ve ordered a mount for the phone too, so by the end of next week I’ll hopefully be all set. Thanks for the advice mate.

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