One down….


One to go. Still waiting on the cradle. I got the Powerlet cable from which is run by Jim Davis who visits Gaijin Riders. He’s based in Japan, but it’s cheaper to buy from him than from Powerlet direct. Arrived in good time and in good order. Nice one Jim.

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5 Comments on “One down….”

  1. Nice! I have the powerlet on my bike too. The cord goes under the seat to a cigarette lighter style outlet. Then I have a dual USB connector there, with a cord to power my Garmin (mini-USB), and another spare to charge my phone (micro-USB). The little USB adapter does have a little LED light that draws some power, so I usually unplug the powerlet when not in use.

  2. Hi Barron,

    I’m thinking about Powerlet’s tank bag connector. It’s a very smart setup. Do you keep everything under the seat?

  3. I have a little write up at my blog.
    I just have the small Micro and Mini USB cables coming out from the seat (where they plug into the adapter) and then I run those cables to where I need them to go. One hangs off the tankbag and when I need to charge my phone, I just plug it in, then slide it in the map holder on the top of my tankbag. Nothing fancy. I don’t use my phone for navi. Just there for emergencies I guess.

  4. oh, btw, that post is kind of old. It shows the USB cable for my phone exiting from the seat at the rear of the bike. That was before I had a tankbag. Now I route that cable out of the front of the seat, then I tie it around one of the loops on the tankbag. You can kind of see the cable in this pic

  5. Nice setup for sure. Nice photos too mate. You’re certainly enjoying that bike.

    I’m looking for a coiled cable to run from the charger socket to the phone. I want coiled so that it moves freely with the handlebars, yet doesn’t droop onto the tank so much or dangle down the side of the bike. Powerlet have awesome attachments for the sides of tank bags so that you can run power into the bag and house charge connections and stuff in there. I’m planning to do that.

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