Got a run out, but not where I wanted to go.

I managed to get out for a wee run today, even though I’ll not get to ride into Gifu before leaving for Ireland this Friday. I had to head over to the university to order books for my students, and en route home I decided to take a detour into the countryside and hills of Toyota city. I’ve posted before about the Green Road that runs from the burbs of Nagoya right into Toyota. It’s a really sweet two-lane road with no oncoming traffic, which runs from Seto to its end at Asuke. From there I hung left past the famous autumn maple viewing forest at Koranke and then through Route 33 back into Seto, the opposite end of the town to which I left. All in all, about 80km.

I’ll have to wait until I get back from Ireland to visit Mount Ena in Gifu. The whole navi rig is in order and I’ve got an Interphone F2 Bluetooth headset as well. I also got a 2nd-hand tank bag from one of the guys on Gaijin Riders, so the whole rig is finished. As soon as I can, after getting back from Ireland, I’ll be off to put it to good use.

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3 Comments on “Got a run out, but not where I wanted to go.”

  1. Bakkies Says:

    Indeed this is a good time for doing a few rides, mate. I’ve done that run up to Ena come back down the 363, that road is awesome.
    You should try going up to Takasu as well nice roads up there let me know if you want more details. Have a good trip back to the Emerald Isle!

  2. Hi Bakkies mate,

    It sure is fine weather for riding. Unfortunately the bike’s under the cover and we’re out of here tomorrow for Ireland. Well, one the journey back from seeing my folks I can start planning the first of my runs into Gifu and beyond. I’ll certainly check out Takasu when I get back. Good luck chum.

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