Pannier rack.

サドルバッグサポートスチール製ブラックメッキ CB400SF/SB 04-11
Pannier racks for the CB400SF/SB 2004/11

I found this pannier rack for sale online and I’ve asked the bike shop to order it in and install it. It’ll sort out the paint damage issue nicely.

I went over to the shop to get compound to clean off the grease and oil grime and one of the guys cleaned it off immediately he saw it and charged me nothing. He recommended using clear film covering for the fairing and showed me some from Moto Fizz, which I bought off him for ¥800, partly in thanks for cleaning the fairing. I also ordered a paint touch-up pen to cover two pinhole damage points which formed on either side. Nothing too bad.

There was one problem I had about the pannier rack, and that was if I could mount them on the rear suspension bolt, seeing that there is already a GIVI back-box cradle mounted there, but, according to Ito KT, it shouldn’t be a problem.

That means that I’ll get the panniers back on again. They’ve been sorely missed this last two weeks with the rain we’ve had. Trying to fit rain-gear and a folding umbrella into the GIVI box with my books, bags and lunchbox has not been easy. I’ve also bought a Mac Air for use in class which I also want to get in there. I’ll be able to put the rain-gear, brolly and my hi-viz vest into the panniers again and that’ll be me sorted again for the weekly commute, in good time for the rainy season too.

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One Comment on “Pannier rack.”

  1. Ian M. Says:

    Great blog. I’m an American living in S. Korea, and I also have a CB400 Vtec. Those pannier racks look awesome. I’m having a hard time finding anything here in Korea like what you purchased. Could I trouble you for some more information on them? What company made them? You said you purchased them from the internet. Do you have a link? I hope you’re enjoying the bike. Riding season will be here again soon!

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