My first pillion passengers…..

were my kids. I was washing the bike yesterday and they tortured me for a ride, so i took them around the block.


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5 Comments on “My first pillion passengers…..”

  1. Le français à sapporo Says:

    They look very happy kids! It must have been fun for them! I feel “うらやましい” me who is going to buy this bike very soon. Also I would probably as happy as they, if I was a father. Keep posting! I love it ! Jerome

  2. Le français à sapporo Says:

    Mistyped: forgot the verb…oups : “Also I would probably FEEL as happy as…”

  3. Are you getting the ABS model Jerome? I would very strongly suggest that you do. If you have any doubt, watch this video on YouTube:

  4. That is Honda’s own video of them demonstrating their ABS system, by the way. It could very easily save your life, or at least avoid you getting injured from a fall.

  5. Le français à sapporo Says:

    No doubt about it, I will take this ABS model !
    For info, one thing I learnd from my bike teacher here… he said that Honda combined ABS has one drawback… Because it will brake the front wheel with the back brake pedal… it could get very dangerous if you brake in a turn specially with bad condition (road, weather etc). (front wheel braking in a turn is not good).

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