Might be doing pit crew

There is a small racing team made of up guys from the Gaijin Riders forum and they’re doing a three-hour endurance race in Sportsland Yamanashi this coming Sunday 13th. They’ve asked for people to help out in pits and I’ve volunteered, but I don’t know what the deal is yet.


If it’s on after all I’ll enjoy the run up to Yamanashi. It’ll be my first time riding on a highway, which is a bit nuts seeing that I’ve been riding for well over two years now. It’s a 230km journey one-way, if I stay on the highway, a lot more if I take the national roads, which I won’t. Two and a half hours will do it, including a stop off for something to drink and a visit to the loo. It’s all about the adventure of riding up the highway at sustained speed, and finally meeting some of the guys from the forum. Even if they don’t need me on the pit crew, my wife is fine with me taking a day out, so I’m heading up regardless.

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7 Comments on “Might be doing pit crew”

  1. klausjapan Says:

    Darned Damien – you ARE busy!! But as long as you can help …. that’s what I like to do, too.

    By the way, I am thinking about selling my beloved TransAlp. Got the new car, use the bike maybe 5 to 10 times a year, …… well, what can I say, the money / usage ratio just doesn’t fit! No final plans yet, maybe I will post it on GaijinRiders and other sites and see what I can come up with (especially the ¥ issue!!!).

    Elsewise, busy, busy, busy, this school year something like 25 teaching hous a week …. always thought it would decrease with increasin age *~*.

    Well, you take care, enjoy your daily rides and see you around!!

  2. Hi Klaus,

    So, four wheels good, two wheels bad, eh? Bleh! Cars are for wives and kids 😛

    When you’re selling the bike definately put it on Gaijin Riders and Japan Riders. Kansai Riders Yahoo group might also be a good place for it, seeing it’s in your neck of the woods.

    I can see myself going the second car route as I get older. There’s no doubt that riding bikes, especially in the brutal Japanese summer, is a younger man’s activity. However, if I do get a second car, I’ll most definately get a 250cc off-road bike for fun times on the weekends.

    Good luck with the sale when you go ahead with it, and also with work, which you seem to be getting plenty of, which is excellent.


  3. klausjapan Says:

    Damien, thanks (???) for the comment concerning “getting older”. But aren’t we all ….??? Anyway, no final decision has been made yet. One of our teachers offered to do a “private shaken”, i.e. without a bike dealer. And since the bike is in excellent shape … well, thinking, thinking, thinking.

    Take care and see you around!!

  4. Bakkies Says:

    Yo Damien, hows it? Yeah I did that trip to Sly from Nags. I shot up the Chuo on the way there. Its a fairly quick trip, once you get into Yamanashi there are heaps of signs for riders warning of accidents etc. I found the roads in Yamanashi not as good as the high quality ones we are used to in Aichi!
    On the way back turned off@ Chino and headed down 152 then back on to the Chuo at Komagane. That 152 is a beaut road. After getting on at Komagane got rain all the way back to Nagoya, that wasn’t fun. But good trip tho!

  5. Hi Bakkies mate. How’s life with you? Any sign of a return to Japan?

    I’m hoping the trip doesn’t take much more than 2:30 hours from door to track. I can be on the Chuo in 15 minutes from the house, and then it’s less than 200km to the track. I’ll fill up before the journey and hopefully it’ll be a blast the whole way up. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve got the navi rig almost ready. I just need to get the bluetooth unit rigged to the helmet and buy a cigar-USB converter for inside the tankbag and I’m sorted. I’ll take plenty of pics.

  6. Bakkies Says:

    G’day mate! Things are good with me. No signs of a return to Nippon at the mo.

    How’d the trip go?

  7. Went good mate. Going to link a video I put together of the day. Check back little later and it should be up.

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