It the holidays again.

With the holidays here I haven’t ridden the bike in the two weeks since classes ended. But just before they did, I took a Sunday and headed off to climb a mountain in Gifu. I’ve taken a notion for hiking recently and I’ve been up a couple of mountains in the last three weeks. I’m very interested in hiking up Mount Ena which is quite close to here, but it’s a serious climb. For a bit of practice I went to Ena and hiked to the summit of an adjoining mountain, Fujimidai. It’s not so tall, about 1,700 meters above sea level, but it’s a good hike. I took a cable car to the trail head and then it took a couple of hours of hard hiking to get to the summit. The bike just got me there and home again. Here are a few pics of the day.


All geared up for the run.

A view from the cable car.

Some guy offered to take my photo en route to the summit. Very kind!

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6 Comments on “It the holidays again.”

  1. klausjapan Says:

    Damien, summer vacation is over – didn’t use the bike at all *~*.
    Still we had a good time (well, at least the 2 weeks I was off work). Went to Kochi, the Muroto Geo park, quite interesting and one of the places on Shikoku I hadn’t seen yet. Going there by bike would have been to hot for wifey, she will be in hospital anyway from 17 September, to get some minor surgery done.

    As I can tell you also enjoyed the summer – biking and hiking – the stuff I also like to do. One of these days we have to get together – how about a Mt. Ishizuchi, Mt Aso or Mt Fuji touring/hiking??? *_*

    Take care my friend and always looking forward to hearing from you!!

  2. Hi Klaus mate,

    Same here. I barely used the bike at all. I took it out last night for the first time in weeks, just because I was worried about the battery going flat. I took it out for a fine ride into the countryside at around 10pm. It was so cool, about 23 degrees standing temp. I was even chilly when hitting over 50 kmph.
    I’m glad to hear that you got to make use of your holidays. There’s nothing like getting out and about to remind ourselves that life’s lovely. Maybe one day, when my kids are big enough to be easy to look after, we’ll get a chance to meet up and go riding together. Maybe I’ll take a tour down your way.

  3. klausjapan Says:

    Yo, Damien, are you still with us?? Long time nothing heard and seen. Or “just” busy???

  4. Stiil here Klaus. Just busy mate, and not up for much blogging. How’s life with you?

  5. klausjapan Says:

    Can’t complain – life could be worse *~*.
    Busy, too, school for another almost 2 months ( 54 days to be exact).
    Looking for a house to buy – our rent right now would definitely pay-off the loan. And before I am getting too old to qualify …. oh well, time will show.

  6. Good luck house hunting mate. I hope you find one very soon. Yes, it looks like a long way until the holidays. I have midterm exams next week marking the midpoint of the semester. Not complaining though, life’s good and I’m not as busy as I was this time last semester. Still, looking forward to the Christmas and New Years break.

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