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Might be doing pit crew

May 6, 2012

There is a small racing team made of up guys from the Gaijin Riders forum and they’re doing a three-hour endurance race in Sportsland Yamanashi this coming Sunday 13th. They’ve asked for people to help out in pits and I’ve volunteered, but I don’t know what the deal is yet.


If it’s on after all I’ll enjoy the run up to Yamanashi. It’ll be my first time riding on a highway, which is a bit nuts seeing that I’ve been riding for well over two years now. It’s a 230km journey one-way, if I stay on the highway, a lot more if I take the national roads, which I won’t. Two and a half hours will do it, including a stop off for something to drink and a visit to the loo. It’s all about the adventure of riding up the highway at sustained speed, and finally meeting some of the guys from the forum. Even if they don’t need me on the pit crew, my wife is fine with me taking a day out, so I’m heading up regardless.